High Risk commercial Accounts-ways to protect payment processing

For the success of any company whether it is low risk business or high risk business, payment processing is very important.  Irrespective of the size of the business, some companies are helping bad credit merchant accounts .There are some tips by which you can protect your payment processing accounts.


Your monthly processing volumes need to be monitored. You should call your payment processor or the acquiring bank if you ever exceed approved processing limits and should tell them the reason. For example, if you are expanding your marketing offers or brings out a new product. You need to get additional merchant accounts if you anticipate a very large growth spurt. To safeguard the continuity of business operations and for redundancy, many companies that process high volumes of payments will have more than one merchant account.

If you want to close your account suddenly or change your merchant account providers, the merchant banks may get nervous and may hold your reserves or freeze your funds. You should call the acquiring banks and tell them the reason why your average tickets levels have increased to higher than normal levels. Banks do not like surprises. Your payment processing will run smoothly if you inform the banks about any sudden changes that takes place.

On the billing descriptor, you need to put your customer service number next to the name of your company. After seeing the credit card statements, the customers should call your customer service number for any queries, not the acquiring banks. You can keep your charge backs low by making it easy for the customer to contact your for cancelling an order to request for a refund.

You must provide excellent customer service to the customers to prevent the charge backs and to build their loyalty. You can rescue your orders if you treat your customers well.

If your customers are not satisfied with the items, you should make it easy for them to return them. It is easy to refund rather than fighting for the charge back if it is a low ticket item.

You must constantly review the repots to protect your high merchant account and must reconcile the statements. Many merchants do not look at their statements and will wonder if their high risk merchant account is cancelled.

You need to implement fraud protection and never give any chance to the criminals to attack you. You need to consider merchant bank as an essential part of your team. Many high risk payment processing services provides facilities with high risk merchant accounts.